Programs to Bring into Schools, Organizations, and After School Programs

Mindful Coaching to Release Negativity and Increase Creativity:

Through fun creativity boosting games and exercises students will learn the basics of mindful meditation and learn tools for how to cope with anxiety and difficult feelings. They will also be working in a range of artistic mediums to get their creative juices flowing and feel good about themselves and what they create. This is a very process oriented program. It’s a chance for our students to take a deep breath and learn about themselves in a new very supported loving way. This can be a group class (minimum 2-12 kids) as well as a 1:1 private Coaching. Ages 5 and up.  Click Here to watch a Video to learn more about this!

Voice-for the singer: Operatic training for Musical Theatre Performance includes widening range, breath control, improving pitch, characterization of the song, and meaning mastery. Ages 8 and up. Click here to watch a video to learn more about this class! 

Private Coaching/One:Ones/Bring A Class into your Home

Small Classes and Workshops

Playwriting and Performance Workshop: Students will participate in improvisation, creating characters, and ultimately joining in a collaboration of writing a One Act Play with Music!
The entire process is a lot of Fun! Students become much more comfortable on stage and with their improvisational and presentation skills. There is a mindfulness component to this class. It’s original work and students will participate in some light basic meditation to focus their minds and allow for a more creative supportive process. We focus more on the fun of the process rather than the outcome of a perfect show. Click here to watch a video to learn more about this class!

Ages 6 and up. Groups can be as small as 2 and range up to 12 kids at maximum.

Finding Your Inner Voice: Speech Writing and Getting Over “Stage Fright” Its very common for even the most “successful” people to have a hard time writing a speech when it comes from the heart or have to give it over in public. In a short time and with simple tools we can help you to overcome the challenges of writing from the heart and speaking in public.  Ages 8 through Adult. Click here to watch a video and learn more about it! 


Kids Express Performing Arts Camp is a performing arts camp open to Jewish students of all backgrounds.

In a short time our campers stretch themselves in the areas of Acting, Playwriting, Songwriting, Dance, Singing, Meditation, Improvisation, Speech, and Jewish Studies


9:30am-3:30pm Mon-Thurs and 9:30am-2pm on Fridays

For Application, Fee Structure, schedule an Audition, or further information email us.