Jewish Learning

in the home

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For kids who want to learn Jewish Studies and Hebrew Language in a fun way but would prefer to have it at home. We bring the classes to you! Set up and Clean up included! Small groups of up to 7 students as well as 1:1 classes available.

Classes Offered:

Hebrew Reading and Writing, Jewish History, Holidays, Jewish Philosophy, accompanied by Yoga, Music, Cooking, Dance, Play writing, and Mindful Meditation, Basic Hebrew Reading and Writing, Mindful Prayer and Jewish Learning, Holidays

Class Details

Mindful Prayer and Jewish Learning: Through meditation, song, movement, art projects, and theatre exercises, as well as text study, our students learn different tools and wisdom in order to connect with a personalized menu of Jewish wisdom and Jewish Prayers that works for your family and community.

Basic Hebrew Reading and Writing: Students will learn the basics and fundamentals about the alef bet and how to read and write in Hebrew.  Movement and Yoga are two of the many artistic and sensory learning tools we use to learn this subject.

Speech Writing specifically for Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Tackling the text of your Parsha (Torah Portion) can be a daunting task. We can give you the tools necessary to not just give over a great speech for your special day, but also delve into what it means on every level and help you to actually write it yourself.