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September 1, 2017, Author: Admin

Mindfulness for Different Age Groups: Tweens, Teens, Young Adults, and Women of all ages: To Learn More Click Here and Watch!

Through guided meditations, aromatherapy, Creative Writing exercises, some light yoga, and sharing from the heart in pairs there is something very special that happens in this experience.  The circle is very special space in which all participants discover something new about themselves every time.

It’s not therapy nor a yoga class nor a Religious Gathering but it’s something a little bit of all of that in one.
The learning is based in Jewish and Eastern Mindful philosophy.
When some people think of meditation they feel immediately discouraged.  “Ugh mediation I can’t just sit there still.  I will feel trapped…in silence.”

Our class is not a sit there in silence type of experience.  It is guided yet not controlled.
All participants usually comment that they feel a soothing release and sense of inner peace and calm.
No one is forced to share but people are encouraged to bring their whole selves to this work and usually wish to share anyway.

Yoga classes can sometimes feel like a very self-involved experience. Our Mindful Circle experience is more a shared and cared for one. This class is about making space for others as well as opening the heart.

***There is another option for this class to be done outside in the morning in a park setting and its called the Mindful Morning Walkor “Airah Ha Shachar”