Mindfulness Workshops

Finding Your Inner Voice- A Workshop taught 1:1 or in Groups

February 8, 2019, Author: Barb Heller

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A special Training for anyone who wants to get more in touch with the voice within.  From the way a person is listening to the inner voice, to breath support, all the way to how a person utilizes the articulators we have in our mouths for diction this will transform the way a person uses and supports their voice.

Through some very special in class games and exercises as well as light homework our students will learn how to listen in a new way, as well as notice old habits-the good and the not as good-and create new healthy habits for great vocal health and healthy self expression.

Learn how to take care of your inner voice and express it in healthier ways!

If you would like to lessen a particular accent/dialect.

If you would like to:

-Give more confident speeches in front of others, presentations at work

-Have more confident interviews, sales calls, auditions, meetings, and dates,

-Feel more confident expressing yourself in general….This class is for you!